The Town of Wickenburg Arizona

Frontier Tobacco is located in Wickenburg Arizona, one of the oldest towns in Arizona. Established in 1866, Wickenburg grew in fame and populations when silver, copper, and gold were discovered. Feritle flood plains due to the Hassayampa River Preserve also served to bring ranchers and farmers into the town. Today, WIckenburg still carries its roots and hosts many rodeos, events, and festivals..

Frontier Tobacco - a legacy in the making

Frontier Tobacco opened for business in 2012. We were one of the only stores in Arizona that had a large roll-your-own machine. Today, we focus on providing a large selection of product as the best prices. This doesn't mean that we have the lowest price all the time. But generally speaking, we try to be price competitive and have best products to choose from.

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“It's all in our history”.